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Helice Cluster is organised upon its Statutes that were approved by its Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees

The Administration, government and representation functions are held by its Board of Patrons or Trustees. These functions could be transfered to one or more Board members or to a Management Commitee.

Some functions shall not be transfered in any case: Approval of the Accounting and the Annual Action Plan, modification of Statutes, mergers and liquidation nor any act whose nature implies the Protectorate authorization.

Board of Patrons members shall execute their duties free of any kind of compensation whatsoever, being the only refunding rights those stemming from travelling and accomodation expenses provided they are due to commended representaion or function. The Board shall be constitued by a minimum of five members. Patrons shall be appointed  for a four year term.



Having an initial principal fund of 129.000 euros, the Foundation gets its financial resources from:  Private donations, legacies, grants and other types of collaborations provided they are compatible with the foundation goals, and Compensations for its services. The latter being the primary source of funding The Foundation has established in its Statutes to devote at least  70% of its positive results to activities that are regarded as contributing to its general objective of promoting the Andalusian Aerospace Development.