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Functionalities ASIC-AeroNet




General description.

Querying Orders: Allows users to query information regarding purchase orders released by Alestis. This functionality includes searching by different criteria, orders and paging. It also allows users to view the list of attachments according to position.

Order Confirmation: Allows users to view and modify the confirmation status of the purchase orders, as well as provide notice that an order has been received and that it complies with the conditions specified therein. In order to confirm the status of an order, a specific list of permitted statuses will be shown depending on the confirmation flow.

Order Modification  (including logistical management):  Allows information to be entered regarding the status of an order, whether by Alestis or by the supplier, in order to facilitate communication between the two and management of any possible incidents. The supplier may provide online information regarding the order, such as shipping data, the date, the delivery note, the packing list and carrier; it can also provide information on its rejection as well as additional data. It allows various positions to be modified in multiple ways.

Attached delivery documentation:  Allows users to view the documents attached to the order and position and allows new attachments to be created. The same document can be associated to several positions.

Printing Orders and Exporting:  Allows users to print the selected order form directly from the Portal (the order is sent to SAP, the corresponding form is obtained according to the configuration, it is converted into a PDF and it is sent to the portal) or to export it as an Excel spreadsheet.

Access mode and functionality included.


             - Querying orders

             - Order confirmation/acceptance.

             - Partial confirmations of order quantities, and confirmed quantity proposal

             - Order modification, including shipment information (LOGISTICS)

             - Attached delivery documentation.

             - Printing Orders and Exporting

    2. Display

            - Querying orders




General description.

The provisioning module allows purchase forecasts established on a specific time horizon to be viewed by suppliers that have access through the Portal. The main functions available are:

Visibility Report on order requests per supplier: Such that it is possible to view the main data on future orders (P/N, Quantity, Date,…)


    - Grouping of needs: Dynamic list that shows the supplier the grouped needs – requests and orders – for which the planned delivery date falls within a specific time range – weeks, months, years -.

    -Access to the Program Rate: Allows the Alestis master production plan to be viewed.

Access mode and functionality included:

    1. Display

            - Visibility Report on order requests per supplier




General description.

Visibility report on the status of notices underway: Shows a list of notices based on the selected criteria and allows users to navigate through different tabs to obtain all of the information on the selected notice.

Registration of Non-conformance Notices: allows the different types of Non-conformance Sheets (HNC) to be created. The supplier must give basic information on the portal (defects, causes, actions) and, based on this information, the notice will be created in SAP. There are types of notices that can be opened by the client and there are others that the supplier is able create, such as internal orders, client orders, Discrepancy Reports (ID).

Modification of notices: This will facilitate management once the notice is created. The Alestis quality assurance manager will respond to the notice created in SAP and such information will be reflected on the portal in the visibility report. The supplier may add information to the created notice and manage it via the portal. All of the information on the causes, measures, confirmation of measures, actions, etc., that can be edited based on the type of notice, as well as the partial or total closure of the notice, can be managed.

Documentation attached to the HNC.

Monitoring notice statuses and closures: In order to monitor the information that the supplier can add according to such statuses.

Access mode and functionality included:

    1. Modification

            - Registration of Non-conformance Notices

            - Modification of notices

            - Documentation Attached to the HNC

            - Monitoring of notice statuses and closures

            - HNC Visibility Report

    2. Display

              - HNC Visibility Report




General Description.

Invoice report per supplier. Allows the invoices corresponding to each supplier and the statuses of the invoice (from pending to paid) to be viewed, once it has been entered in the system. This includes financial and logistical invoices.

Exporting invoices to Excel.

Download the invoice from SAP in PDF format based on the client’s form.

Access mode and functionality included:

    1. Display

            - Invoice report per supplier.

            - Exporting invoices to Excel

            - Download the invoice from SAP




General Description.

This module allows the documentation associated with the Alestis Part Numbers contracted from the supplier to be viewed:

On the basis of a Part Number, all of the documents associated with such material will be shown in the Alestis document manager, such as drawings or Technical Instructions.

It includes the possibility of saving the drawings in PDF or viewing them directly on the Portal.

Access mode and functionality included:

    1. Display

            - Document Manager Form to view drawings