The Helice
Foundation is one of the 12 European Clusters participating in the drafting of
the proposal submitted and coordinated by INVENTS BALTICS (ESTONIA) in relation
to the EC CALL on Cooperation late last year: AAT2013-7-4 on the topic  “Creating
cohesive links and common knowledge between potential partners in EU Framework
Programme Collaborative Projects

Hélice participates in the BEWARE project (BEWARE:
BRIDGING EAST WEST for AEROSPACE RESEARCH), aiming to increase the participation of the aeronautical
organisations in Framework Programme which are not yet involved at the level of
the size of their respective aeronautics sector. Thru the organization of
workshops and factory or research center tours the strategy is “ to put in
direct contact potential coordinators and potential partners in future projects
in the field of Aeronautics and Air Transport, which are established in regions
that lack of mutual knowledge. 

Helice is
the only Spanish cluster within the initiative together with partners from United Kingdom, France, Germany,
Italy, Czech
Republic, Lithuania,
Poland, Slovakia and Romania

Helice Cluster took part in this initiative as one of the outcomes of the 2012-2013
Internationalization Plan, that in turn, was supported by the Dpt. For SMEs of
the Ministry of Industry, in its line for supporting “Innovative Entrepreneurial