Company Ghenova from Seville has taken a new step in its internationalization process with the opening of its third international subsidiary third, called Ghenova Netherlands Engineering.

The new company will sited at Rotterdam and has been formed through a joint venture with the local group Maritime Design Engineering Services. It aims to expanding and consolidating the capacities of the company in the area of naval engineering, specially focused on the offshore/cargo sectors, dredgers and yachts.

Likewise, it will make it possible to establish "a new sales and service platform for the Dutch market in every engineering disciplines", said the company. According to Francisco J. Cuervas, CEO of Ghenova, this project involves the consolidation of the firm on the out¬side, where "it received in 2011 more than half of its total revenue, around 20€ millions".

The company, sited at Seville and having delegations in Ferrol and Madrid, has other two subsidiaries in Germany and Brazil and develops work in other countries such as Mexico, India or United States.

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Monday, July 2, 2012 (All day)