The Andalusian Aerospace industry had a turnover of €2,244 million in 2014 and created 1,003 new jobs, according to the Annual Report 2014 of the Andalusian Aerospace Industry carried out by Hélice Cluster. This data strengthen that aerospace is a strong and consolidated industry and a strategic activity generating wealth and employment and fortifying the productive network within the community.

Andalusia’s position is consolidated as the second main region nationally and as one of the European three leading poles together with Toulouse and Hamburg. According to the Andalusian aerospace data, the industry contributes already 1.58% to the Andalusian GDP (in 2013 it was 1,49%) and 20% to the manufacturing industrial GDP within the community.

Specifically, the aerospace cluster increased sales by 8.9% and employment by 8.6%. The andalusian turnover represents 29.5% of the total sales in the sector in Spain, with a growth of 15.6 % compared to 2013, and 31.5% of employment, 2.6% more than in 2013, reinforcing its position as the second region after Madrid. Regarding the overall performance of the sector in Spain, the evolution of the Andalusian industry in 2014 was also more positive, with sales and employment growth above the national average.

In the last decade, the Andalusian aerospace sector has tripled sales volume from €799 million in 2005 to over €2,244 million in 2014) and has multiplied employment from 5,500 in 2005 to some over 12,600 in 2014). The industry expects this positive evolution to keep being on the rise in the next few years thanks to the production rate increase, mainly due to A400M and A350, both programmes with a very important participation of the Andalusian companies.

In addition, the report highlights the leading position of the Andalusian aerospace pole in terms of quality standards and productive capacity of its companies. They keep critical mass composed by 114 firms that are growing and increasing productivity and capacity to participate in international programmes and great work packages.

The auxiliary industry grows in sales and employment
The “Aerospace Annual Report 2014’ includes the Andalusian aerospace industry this year came to €2,250 million and takes longer to 12,688 workers. This industry grew by 8.9 % of sales (€183 million) and 8.6 % of employment (1,003 jobs). In addition, they continued to increase high-skilled jobs (managers, engineers and graduates This area together with qualified operators represents 90% of the Andalusian global sector.  According to the report, the growth in skilled profiles is motivated by the entry into production of large programmes.

Regarding the overall industry sales, Airbus products increased by 2.83 % over the previous year and Airbus DS are increased by 15.68%, due to the entry ramp -up of the A400M. The latter accounts for 26 % of total industry sales and 16% of the sales of the supply chain.

The employment grew mainly in the auxiliary industry, with 10.29% more than in 2013 (more than 886 direct jobs). Also in sales, the auxiliary industry grows more than OEMs (11.3% vs 7.4 %) and stood at €858.4 million. Also, in a highly specialized supply chain on Aerostructures (63 %), they increase very significantly sales in engineering and quality (which already account for a quarter of the total) and become relevant equipment and systems (7% of the total), higher value-added activities.

The increase in sales of OEMs (7.4 %) is due to the increased rate of the programmes and the MRO business, which bursting. Employment growth was 3.81% (41 more jobs in Airbus DS and 71 jobs at Airbus) .

Regarding the turnover per employee (ratio related to productivity) OEMs increased by 4.25% in 2014. In the case of the auxiliary is stable, reaching €90,000 per employee.