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TEAMS is a company created to support the
aeronautical sector in the materials field by
means of mechanical, physical-chemical and
structural testing, plus instrument verification
and calibration processes.
TEAMS certifies the flight safety of materials
and designs.

Featured products: 

Airbus A320 HTP Rib Shear Tie Test, HTP ESG Stringer Run Out,
HTP ESG Hinge Fitting Fatigue or Run Out Fulcodem.
A380 Rudder Bearing Lubrication Test.
A350 Flotability Test.
A400M Qualification Test-Shielded Overbraiding of Electrical Harnesses.


Mechanical testing.
Physical-chemical and metallographic testing.
Environmental testing.
Structural testing.


Contact Information TEAMS


TEAMS, S. L. Testing and Engineering of Aeronautical Materials and Strutures, S. L.

Parque Tecnológico y Aeronáutico de Andalucía - Aerópolis Wilbur y Orville Wright, 1
41309 La Rinconada (Seville) 
Alejandro Arroyo 
Más Quality Manager 
T (+34) 954 11 50 60 
F (+34) 954 11 50 32