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Sofitec is an international aerospace industry specialized in comprehensive projects

  • Aerostructures
  • Composites
  • Metallic

We believe in the aeronautical industry in Andalusia, we are aware of its important history, value and capacity of development. This is how Sofitec is brought to life, to add technological solutions at a global level by means of inventiveness and fresh ideas.

We face the future with an extraordinary team and we are all convinced of the possibilities of improvement and competitiveness in the sector. Thus, each and every new project represents a new challenge to us, but above all, a chance to go beyond our clients confidence and guarantee their tranquility.

Featured products: 

A320 Skins, Detail parts & Assemblies

A330 MRTT Refuelling Rear Fairing

A330 MF Forwar Case, Conmactor Box Mech, Mechanical Fuse

A340 Tail Cone Fittings & Detail Parts

A350 S13-14-15-16 & Passenger Doors

A380 Pannel-latch Access

A400M Exhaust Ducts

B777 HTP Skins

C295 Maw, Oman Forward, Dorsal Fin, DF Fairing Rib & Tail Cone Fairings

C295 Fuselage Fairing, Fuselage to Wing, Deflector Assy & Metallic Fairings

C295 Flap Skins, Compensator Trailing Edge, Fuselage Floor & Wing Deflectors

C295/CN235 Electrical Racks

CN235 Cowl Fairing

C919 Structural parts

DASH-8 Fwd Nacelle

Eurofighter 2000 Metallic & Composite Products

Legacy 450/500 Main Box Wing Ribs, Cargo Door, RAT Door & Tail Cone

KC390 VTP & HTP Structural Assemblies, Covers, Upper & Lower Wing Stringers


Sofitec is offering the global aerospace market more & better value added projects in new manufacturing integrated solutions in aerostructures, metallic & composites manufacturing, repairs & AOG's.

We develop complete reengineering on the products, adding flexibility to the  processes and, hence, to our international competitiveness. Our concurrent engineering and industrial capacity for manufacturing are key aspects that allow us to develop internal accurate criteria for the assembly at the beginning of the value chain, actions which have a positive impact on the reduction of cycle times and costs.

Technology, knowledge & attitude. Supporting our clients throughout the process putting forward ideas.

Located on Aerópolis, nowadays Sofitec has 35,000 square meters premises with three production plants and other 70,000 square meters 8 kms. near Aeropolis. The company is currently working for key customers like Airbus Military, Embraer, Airbus, Spirit Aerosystems, Eurocopter, Figeac Aero & Facc, among others.

Development is vocation and commitment. The pathway to change is permanent.

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Parque Industrial y Logístico de Carmona
Manzana LB Nave 1, 41410
Autovía A4, km 521, Sevilla - Spain

Ph. +34 954 115 123
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  • Parque Industrial y Logístico de Carmona. Manzana LB Nave 1, 41410 Autovía A4, km 521
    41410 Seville , Sevilla
    Sevilla ES