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Alestis Aerospace is a new group formed in January 2009 to become an aerospace TIER1 company constituted by the nine productive companies from Alcor Group plus the incorporation of Sacesa. 

Shareholders are in equity participation with a Financial (Andalusia financial entities), institutional (Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA) and industrial representation (Alcor Group. Sacesa & Ficosa). 

Alestis Aerospace, leader in the carbon fiber and composites technologies, takes full responsibility for the design, development, certification, manufacturing and support of complex carbon fiber aerostructures. Advance automatic processes as Automated Tape Lay-up (ATL), Fiber Placement (FP), Out of Autoclave (Resin Transfer Molding RTM), guarantee our commitment with innovation and technology. 


ALESTIS Industrial Capabilities: 

ALESTIS comprises the existing SK10 Companies plus Sacesa, and it is organised focused on different technologies: 

· Composite: 
ALESTIS-SACESA (Sevilla), IDEC for RTM (Vitoria) and SK10-Composite for ATL (Cádiz). 

· Sheet metal parts and surface treatments: 

 · Assembly: 
SK Epsilon (Álava), 
SK10 Andalucia (Cádiz), 
SK3000 (Sevilla) and SK10 do Brasil (Brasil). 

· Engineering & Services: 
SK DyT (Álava) and SK10 Engineering. 

Strategic Actions Taken Creation of SK10 Ingeniería (CTIDIA). 
Creation of SK10 Composites for Automatic Carbonfiber Technologies. 
Taking on SACESA (hand lay-up autoclave composites).

Contact Information ALESTIS Aerospace


ALESTIS Aerospace
C/ De los Hnos. d´Eluyar, s/n
41092. Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla - Spain

T (+34) 955 34 30 20

Diego García
Director de Desarrollo de Negocio
T (+34) 955 34 30 20