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Airbus offers a modern and comprehensive family of civil airliners with capacities ranging from 100 to more than 500 seats. 

The company regularly captures approximately half of all commercial airliner orders in the 100-seat and above categories. Through 2014, Airbus has sold over 15,200 aircraft and delivered 8,800-plus jetliners since its creation, with more than 8,100 Airbus aircraft are in service, with some 500 customers and operators located worldwide.

Airbus’ philosophy is to avoid cyclic changes in its production/delivery rates, thereby preventing peaks and dips in the response to market situation.  As a result the company has implemented a smooth increase in output every year since the mid-2000s.   

The company’s backlog of commercial jetliners through 2014 stood at an industry-wide record of 6,386 aircraft, valued at US$919.3 billion at list prices.

Featured products: 

A330 /A340, Montaje de cajones estabilizador horizontal y timones de profundidad.

A380 / Montaje de carena ventral y preparación para envío por mar. Montaje final , equipado y entrega del estabilizador horizontal y timones de profundidad.

A350 / Montaje de cajones estabilizador horizontal.


Plants in Andalusia:

-Plant of Puerto Real (Cádiz), specializing in the automated assembly of elements manufactured by composite materials.


A global company with roots in Europe:

Headquarters: Toulouse, France

Shareholding:  a 100-per cent Airbus Group company

Active workforce: approximately 55,000 direct employees around the world

Subsidiaries: United States, China, Japan, India and Middle East

Spare parts centres: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Washington DC, Beijing and Singapore

Training centres: Toulouse, Miami, Hamburg and Beijing 

Field service offices: More than 150 around the world

Supplier network: Some 7,700 suppliers around the world

Industrial sites: Facilities located in France, Germany, Spain and the UK 

Final Assembly Lines: Toulouse, France; Hamburg, Germany; Tianjin, China; and Mobile, Alabama. U.S. 

Engineering centres: 11 throughout Europe, US, China, India and Russia

Contact Information Airbus Spain



Polígono Industrial El Trocadero s/n. 
11510 Puerto Real.
Antonio Rueda
Plant Director
T(+34) 956 470 505 
Francisco Javier Becerra Martel
Head of Plant Services
T(+34) 956 470 540

    Polígono Industrial El Trocadero s/n.
    11510 Puerto Real. , Cadiz
    Cadiz ES